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Stoma Care

Description of Service

The Stoma Care department at St Mark’s provides specialist nursing care to patients with a stoma, ileo-anal pouch or enterocutaneous fistula. A number of these patients have intestinal failure and require specialist nursing input to manage their complex abdominal wounds and appliances.

Patients are seen in a variety of settings, including wards, surgical outpatient clinics, nurse-led clinics and home visits (for local patients).

The Stoma and Pouch Clinical Nurse Specialist Team at St Mark’s believe all patients referred to them should receive the highest level of specialist, evidence-based care expected from a centre of excellence.

The team aim to:

  • Assist the patient to physically and psychologically adapt to their new stoma or pouch using a range of education tools and techniques
  • Support patients after discharge by providing expert follow-up care; in the form of nurse-led outpatient clinics, email and telephone help lines
  • Treat patients as individuals, and with the highest level of dignity and respect
  • Act as a proficient source of knowledge to all members of the multi-professional team (both locally and nationally) involved in the provision of care to a person with a stoma or pouch

The Stoma Care Service

The overall aim of the stoma care service is to provide an informative and supportive service to our patients. This will begin when you meet your stoma care nurse, usually before surgery. You will be given information regarding stomas and stoma surgery, and on admission to the hospital your stoma care nurse will talk to you about whether you have understood this information, and discuss any questions or anxieties you may have.

After your operation you will be shown how to care for your stoma, including how to empty and change the appliance independently. You will be given information regarding your diet, ongoing supplies, returning to work, common problems and much more. 

If you are a local patient you will be followed up in the stoma clinic two weeks after you are discharged. If you live outside the area then you will be referred to a stoma care nurse based in your area, who will provide ongoing support. 

St Mark’s Stoma Care Clinic

The stoma care clinics are for patients to attend for routine check-ups, if problems occur or if further information is required. These are run on alternative Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons between 1:30pm and 3:30pm and Thursday mornings between 10am and 12:30pm. All local patients will receive a follow up appointment with a stoma nurse two weeks after being discharged. This appointment is part of your ongoing care and treatment, and it is expected that you attend. 

The clinic is for appointments only; you can make an appointment by contacting the Stoma Care department directly or by getting a referral from your GP.

The Stoma Care outpatient clinics offer:

  • Ongoing support to all ostomists
  • Practical help and advice
  • Colostomy irrigation information, advice and teaching
  • Support garment measuring service
  • Up-to-date information
  • Psychological and sexual advice
  • Support group information and networking

Location Within the Hospital

The Stoma Care department is located on Level 4 of St Mark’s Hospital, in the Intestinal Imaging Centre. 

Key Contacts

Call the Stoma Care department directly on 020 8235 4110.

The Stoma Care Team

Mr Janindra Warusavitarne  
Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Ms Sarah Varma
Colorectal & Community Stoma Care Nurse Specialist

Mrs Zarah Perry-Woodford
Pouch Nurse Practitioner

Ms Lisa Allison
Pouch Care Nurse Specialist

Ms Louise Williams
Intestinal Failure Stoma Nurse Specialist

Ms Sima Ndlovu
Stoma Care Nurse Specialist