Inside Out Stoma Support Group

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Inside Out was set up in November 1999, by stoma patients for stoma patients, to provide advice and help. A few years later, they were incorporated into St Mark’s Hospital Foundation.

Inside Out’s main aim is to provide continuing support, reassurance and information to anyone who may have, or is about to have, a stoma, Colostomy, Ileostomy or Urostomy.

Inside Out provides support to patients, families and carers before, during, and after surgery. They hold coffee mornings at St Mark’s Hospital every two weeks; these mornings provide a safe, enjoyable space to meet other people with similar stomas, share advice and generally have fun. Occasionally Inside Out arranges for manufacturers to come to the coffee mornings to present new products.

To find out more about Inside Out Stoma Support Group, visit their official website.

To contact Inside Out, you can phone 020 8428 4242 or email