St Mark’s Hospital Foundation

Jason Bacon, Chief Executive, St Mark’s Hospital Foundation. If you would like to learn more please contact Jason, his email is The Foundation’s website can be found here.

St Mark’s The National Bowel Hospital & Academic Institute is the initiative of a highly committed team of medical and non-medical experts, working in partnership with leading business professionals who are dedicated to making the vision of improved bowel health a reality.

With the support of philanthropic funders, the St Mark’s team aims to develop research and innovation within the Institute and ensure that this research is translated into world-leading clinical solutions, which dramatically improve patient outcomes.

The Academic Institute will achieve this by strengthening the four foundations that underpin it:

  • Dedicated research teams that develop new treatments, translate them into clinical care and educate to disseminate best practice
  • The attraction of a critical mass of experts able to collaborate in international research
  • The provision of the most advanced systems and technology, including robotics, the provision of advanced imaging and sophisticated endoscopic equipment
  • A purpose-built physical environment housing research and education teams that supports the interactions within the Hospital that makes it so unique.

Your donations enable the Foundation to realise a future free from bowel disease and free from the fear of bowel disease.

Patient Stories and Fundraising for St Mark’s

Making the Invisible, Visible with Bethia’s #FeelemPOWERed campaign. On my 21st birthday I got a cold which triggered an ulcerative colitis flare. In a short amount of time I went from training for my first half-iron man and set to complete my third year of medical school, to being in constant pain, malnourished and unable to walk the 10 minutes to university. Read my story here.
Chris Foley is synonymous with the word fundraiser here at St Mark’s, and she has lead a fundraising campaign which has raised over £70,000 for research into bowel disease. Chris Foley doesn’t let her bowel disease define her. Although Chris suffers from Crohn’s Disease, you’d be forgiven for not realising it. Chris is continually putting others before herself. She faces adversity head on and channels her energy into positive outlets. Read more about her story here.