Mr Danilo Miskovic PhD MD FRCS Consultant Colorectal Surgeon 

Danilo is a Consultant Colorectal surgeon. He has specialised in the surgical treatment of bowel cancer, with a focus on advanced minimally-invasive surgery, especially robotic surgery. He has authored over one hundred publications and book chapters and holds a PhD in minimally-invasive colorectal surgery training from Imperial College London. He has an active research interest in surgical education, quality in colorectal cancer surgery and surgical technology.
He completed his surgical training in Zurich/Switzerland and has permanently relocated to the UK in 2007. After training as a registrar in Surrey and completion of the PhD in London, he had subspecialist training in minimally-invasive surgery as a fellow at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. Subsequently, he was appointed as an Associate Professor and Consultant Surgeon at the University of Leeds and St James’ University Hospital in Leeds. In 2017, he was appointed as a consultant at St Mark’s Hospital with a main clinical focus on colon and rectum cancer.

Senior Appointments

2017 on: St Mark’s Hospital, London
2012–2016: St James University Hospital, Leeds
2010–2012: Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth (Fellow)
2008–2010: Imperial College London and St Mary’s Hospital (Research Fellow and Honorary Consultant)
Private appointments: Emma Parkes


NHS Secretary: Meeta Maru
Tel: 020 8235 4018

Private Practice: 020 3214 3440