Referral Guidelines

Many of St Mark’s outpatient clinics are available via the Choose and Book System. If your local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) has a Service Agreement with us, then you should be able to use this method to refer new patients to us. General information regarding Choose and Book is available here.

Some of our services have their own referral guidelines; click on the service to view the guidelines. Please note that these guidelines are for GPs and healthcare professionals only; St Mark’s Hospital is unable to accept self-referral at this stage.

Complex Cancer Clinic Referral

Hepatology (The Liver) Referral

Histopathology (Cellular Pathology) Referral

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Referral

Lennard-Jones Intestinal Rehabilitation Unit Referral

Psychological Medicine Referral

Sir Alan Parks Physiology And Pelvic Floor Biofeedback Unit Referral

St Mark’s Endoscopy Referral

The St Mark’s Centre For Familial Cancer Referral