Suspected Colorectal Cancer : Referrals

Two Week Wait Protocall

As part of the North West London Hospital’s Trust commitment to the NHS Cancer Plan 2000, we aim to see all patients with suspected cancer within two weeks of an urgent GP referral. To assist the Trust in these aims, we ask that GPs referring patients to any of the Trust’s Cancer Services use the following procedure:

Suspected Colorectal Proforma (download)

This proforma is the preferred method for referring a patient with suspected cancer.

Referrals may also be made by letter, although we would stress that this is not the preferred method. The letter should clearly state at the top that it is urgent, and that you have a “suspicion of cancer” or that the patient should be managed under the “cancer two week wait” rule.

The letter and/or proforma should then be faxed to the central fax number in the Booking Centre: 020 8235 4188.

Enquiries regarding appointments for suspected cancer referrals can be made on 020 8235 4293. Should you require clinical advice prior to a referral, please contact the member of the relevant team listed in the proforma.

To assist us with your referral, please ensure your letter contains the following information:

  • Full GP and practice details
  • NHS number
  • Complete patient demographic data (including correct name spelling and date of birth)
  • Patient’s contact details – please ensure there are correct to enable the booking centre to contact the patient confirming appointments
  • All relevant clinical information
  • Information on any relevant pathology or radiology tests carried out

As is it important that we receive your referral within 24 hours of your decision to refer, please fax the proforma/letter. We would ask that you not send by post at this route is often subject to delay.