Services A-Z

St Mark’s is recognised as a national and international centre of clinical excellence for diagnosis and treatment of intestinal and colorectal disorders. We are proud of the range of clinical services we offer; which cover all aspects of colorectal disease and intestinal failure.

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Bowel Cancer Screening
Centre For Familial Cancer
Complex Cancer Clinic 
CT Colonography
Endoscopy (Wolfson Unit for Endoscopy)
Enhanced Recovery Programme


Gastrointestinal Consequences of Cancer
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Intestinal Rehabilitation Unit (Lennard Jones Unit)
Intestinal Imaging (Radiology)


Lennard Jones Intestinal Rehabilitation Unit
Lynch Syndrome Clinic
Macmillan Colorectal Cancer Team


Pelvic Floor Surgery
Polyposis (St Mark’s Polyposis Registry)
Psychological Medicine Unit
Radiology (Intestinal Imaging)
Specialist Practitioners
Stoma Care
Wolfson Unit for Endoscopy