Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Description of Service

The London North West Hospitals NHS Trust benefits from a specialist and world-renowned Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) service, predominately based at St Mark’s Hospital at Central Middlesex Hospital, but also covers Northwick Park and Ealing Hospitals. The delivery of the service has undergone transformation over the last four years to align with the IBD standards to deliver high quality care with an emphasis on patient-centred care.

The service offers care to all patients above the age of 16 to cover all aspects of Inflammatory Bowel Disease; medical, nursing and surgical treatments, psychological and nutritional support, research and education. The services have been developed and are delivered with the patient’s needs at the heart. Some services are offered as designated specialist multi-disciplinary clinics: Biologic, Adolescent, Medical-surgical for refractory UC, complex Crohn’s and perianal disease and cancer surveillance clinics. The new diagnosis clinic offers educational and a supportive environment for people newly diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease.

Our specialist IBD team consists of medical and surgical consultants, nurses, clinical fellows, dietitians and pharmacists supported by psychological services, administrative and secretarial staff.

The full range of services, our aspirations as well as our achievements can be found in our Inflammatory Bowel Disease Adult Service booklet, and our Nursing Annual Report 2020–2021.

For information and support about your condition, please use the following links to access our support pages:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Journey

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Flare-Up Card

The IBD Team

Clinical Nurse Specialists:  Madhoor Ramdeen (Lead), Jitka Adio, Michael Cervantes, Comfort Okeph, Johncy Baby & Babitha Joseph. Paediatric CNS: Kay Crook

IBD Biologics Nursing team: Jayashree Gopi, Juleene Ramillosa, Christy Rejee, Thomas Kaithavalappiljoseph & Ronelyn Royeca

IBD Day Unit Administrator: Androulla Hadjinicoloau

Nurse Consultant: Lisa Younge

IBD Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP): Tracey Tyrell & Pearl Avery – The ANP role aims to integrate IBD Nursing into primary care and work more closely with GPs. This involves coordinating Education sessions/IBD Masterclasses for GPs in Harrow, Brent and Ealing.  The IBD ANP is based at CMH. Satellite clinics have been set up to assist with remote monitoring and supporting GPs.

Monday–Friday:  GP IBD Advice Line 

Specialist IBD Gastroenterology Consultants

Dr Ayesha Akbar, Dr Naila Arebi (Lead), Professor Ailsa Hart, Dr Nik Kamperidis, Dr Ravi Misra

Surgical IBD Consultants

Professor Omar Faiz, Mr Akash Mehta, Mr Phil Tozer, Miss Lisa Massey, Mr Janindra Warusavitarne, Miss Katherine Williams, 


Gabriella Poufou


Angela Chana, Katie Yeung & Farrah Aslam (Pharmacy Technician)

Biologics Administrator

Christy Sundararaj

Our Services

Multidisciplinary Clinics

In addition to specific consultant IBD clinics, we deliver specialist multidisciplinary services to offer personalised care to patients:

Adolescent Clinic run by an IBD consultant and IBD nurse every 2 weeks for patients aged 16 to 18 with IBD who may have different needs.

Biologics and Innovative Therapies Clinic with an IBD specialist, pharmacist and nurse on a weekly basis to offer counselling to patients about to embark on a new biologic drug or newly approved specialist drugs.

Drug Monitoring Clinic for biologic and innovative drugs run by our specialist pharmacist to monitor patients on biologic drugs or new specialist drugs.

Medical-Surgical Joint Clinics with a specialist IBD surgeon and IBD medical consultant to understand benefits and risks of treatment options in a one stop clinic. This includes refractory UC, complex Crohn’s with abscesses, fistulas and strictures.

New Diagnosis Clinic offers space for patients to discuss the diagnosis and receive educational signposting delivered by IBD fellow and nurse.

Rapid Access Clinic on a weekly basis by IBD clinical fellow or registrar for acute relapses or cases needing urgent medical attention to avoid hospital admission.

Surveillance Clinic delivered as virtual clinic and face to face where dysplasia is detected. Depending on the nature this is run by a specialist IBD nurse alongside a consultant (IBD or endoscopy).

Specialist Nursing and Pharmacy Clinics

The IBD Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) and Specialist Pharmacy Team offer the following clinical services:

Telephone advice line: 020 8453 2368

Nurse/Pharmacist-led clinics (for additional education, information and support regarding your condition)

Dedicated IBD Day Care Unit for infusions: 020 8453 2488

Immunosuppressant blood monitoring service

Contact Us

A full list of contact details can be found in the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Adult Service booklet (Aug 2020 V1.4)

For patient enquires please use the following:

Tel Advice Line Service: 0208 453 2368
Main fax: 0208 869 5487/ 020 8235 4001
IBD Day Unit: 0208 453 2488
IBD nursing secretary: 0208 235 4026

IBD medical secretary: 0208 235 4124

For information and support you may also wish to contact the Crohn’s & Colitis UK helpline on: 0300 222 5700, from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (except English bank holidays). You can email or access LiveChat on the website homepage. Alternatively you can access all of their information resources by visiting the website. Crohn’s & Colitis UK’s full confidentiality and privacy policies can be accessed on their website.