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Intestinal Rehabilitation Unit

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Latest October 2020 Newsletter including news on our move to a new site

IRU newsletter October 2020

Description of Service

The Lennard Jones Rehabilitation Unit at St Mark’s Hospital is a specialist centre dedicated to the assessment and management of patients with Intestinal Failure.

The Unit is supported by a multi-disciplinary team who offer a comprehensive approach to patients with intestinal failure receiving parenteral (feeding intravenously) or enteral (tube feeding) nutrition. The role of the team is to perform a nutritional assessment, design a nutrition regime, and address electrolyte/metabolic derangements whilst continuing to offer support for education and training with nutritional input.

What is Intestinal Failure?

Intestinal Failure is a rare condition in which:

  • The small intestine is unable to digest and/or absorb the correct amount of nutrients
  • The body is not able to reabsorb fluids produced by the intestine

These factors can therefore contribute to malnutrition and dehydration.

About the Unit

The Intestinal Rehabilitation Unit consists of 20 beds which are made up with four bays and eight single-side rooms. In keeping with the Trust and Dignity policy, we practice same-sex accomodation. 

There are four large bays consisting of four beds in each bay. The side rooms are only used for screening and isolation. Once the screening process has been completed patients are moved into open bays.

Contact the Unit

The Lennard Jones Intestinal Rehabilitation Unit
Level 9 (Jonson Ward)
St Mark’s Hospital
Watford Road
Middx HA1 3UL

The Unit is based in the main Northwick Park Hospital Ward block, on level 9.

Telephone: 020 8869 2492/2494

Intestinal Rehabilitation Unit Office

Tel: 020 8235 4120
Fax: 020 8235 4009

Coordinator: Vatsala Dodhia
Tel: 020 8869 2045

Dietitians: 020 8869 2666
Stoma Care: 020 8235 4110
Pharmacy: 020 8235 4100