Psychological Medicine

Description of Service

The Psychological Medicine Unit at St Mark’s Hospital has been developed to offer psychological assessment and management of patients being treated at St Mark’s Hospital, either as outpatients or during an inpatient stay.

There is also a substantial commitment to supporting our MDT colleagues through consultation; clinical supervision; training; research; and to promoting a biopsychosocial model of understanding and managing complex medical conditions. 

Patients will be seen for an assessment, and in many cases may be referred for local mental health follow-up. Therapeutic care may also be delivered via workshops, or group therapy.

Location Within Hospital

The Psychological Medicine Unit is located within St Mark’s The National Bowel Hospital, Central Middlesex. Appointment locations vary with the Psychological Medicine Unit team members, and patients will be advised of the location prior to each appointment. 

Any queries can be directed by email to:; or by phone at: 0208 453 2390. 

Patients undergoing treatment within the Psychological Medicine Unit may also be seen remotely, via telephone or video conferencing.

Referral Guidelines