St Mark’s Academic Institute

St Mark’s Academic Institute is part of the St Mark’s Hospital Foundation (registered charity number 1140930).

The Academic Institute is dedicated to the continuing discovery and development of scientific knowledge and clinical skills applied to intestinal and colorectal disorders.

St Mark’s Hospital and the Academic Institute together form a centre for coloproctology, attracting practitioners from the UK and overseas to enable best practice to be spread to other institutions. We pride ourselves on a multidisciplinary approach to individual patients, and combine both medical and surgical expertise with specialist nursing and paramedical skills.

The Team

Dean: Prof. Naila Arebi
Sub-Deans: Dr Kevin Monahan and Ms Elaine Burns
Director of Education: Mr Akash Mehta

Clinical Trials Officer: Dr Ana Wilson
Histopathology: Dr Adriana Martinez
Radiology: Dr Phil Lung
Head of Nursing Education: Ms Jennie Burch

CEO, St Mark’s Hospital Foundation and Academic Institute: Mr Jason Bacon 
Research Manager: Ms Pooja Datt
Course and Education Manager: Ms Carmen Ugarte-Cano
Head of Media and Digital Production: Mr Stephen Preston
Digital and Course Administrator: Mr Chris Mitchell 

For more information about the Academic Institute, or to enrol for courses and education, visit the Academic Institute website