At St Mark’s we are proud of our long history of medical and clinical research, and our delivery of high quality, personalised patient care. Click on a member of staff to view their individual biography and contact details. Staff are listed in alphabetical order by surname.

Gastroenterology, IBD & Colonoscopy

Consultant Gastroenterologists and Endoscopists

Dr Ahmir Ahmad
Dr James Alexander
Dr Ayesha Akbar
Dr Gehanjali Amarasinghe
Professor Naila Arebi Clinical Lead, Dean of St Mark’s Academic Institute
Dr Suzanne Donnelly
Dr Simon Gabe
Professor Ailsa Hart Research Lead
Dr Adam Haycock
Dr Adam Humphries Clinical Lead for Endoscopy
Dr Warren Hyer Paediatric Gastroenterologist
Dr Meron Jacyna
Dr Nik Kamperidis
Dr Imran Khakoo
Dr Flora Kokwaro
Dr Jonathan Landy
Dr Faidon Laskaratos
Dr Andrew Latchford Director: Polyposis Registry, Co-Director: St Mark’s Centre for Familial Intestinal Cancer
Dr Gideon Lipman
Dr Manmeet Matharoo Governance Lead, Endoscopy Training Lead
Dr Ravi Misra Director of Education
Dr Kevin Monahan Co-Director of the St Mark’s Centre for Familial Intestinal Cancer. Sub-Dean of St Mark’s Academic Institute
Dr Mani Naghibi
Dr Maxton Pitcher
Professor Brian Saunders
Dr Jayshri Shah
Dr Nina Stafford
Dr Noriko Suzuki
Professor Huw Thomas Consultant Physician
Professor Siwan Thomas-Gibson Interim-Chair of Gastroenterology
Dr Ana Wilson Deputy Director, St Mark’s Bowel Cancer Screening Programme

Nurse Consultant Endoscopist / Nurse Endoscopists
Mr Tiago Almeida, Deputy Training Lead
Ms Anna Buenaventura
Ms Jayne Butcher
Ms Angeline Chai
Ms Ripple Man
Ms Belma Motes
Mrs Margaret Vance Deputy Director Bowel Cancer Screening Hub

Capsule Service Endoscopy Nurse Specialists
Ms Tracey Masiglat
Ms Monica Rzeźnikiewicz


Consultant Colorectal Surgeons

Mr Tushar Agarwal Cancer MDT Lead for Colorectal Cancer
Mr Anthony Antoniou
Ms Elaine Burns Sub-Dean
Professor Sue Clark
Professor Omar Faiz Co-Clinical Director
Ms Nicola Hodges
Mr Alberto Isla
Mr Ian Jenkins Clinical Lead for Colorectal Cancer
Mr Peter McDonald
Mr Akash Mehta Director of Education
Mr Danilo Miskovic
Mr Kapil Sahnan
Ms Asha Senapati
Mr Ashish Sinha
Mr Gregory Thomas
Mr Phil Tozer
Ms Carolynne Vaizey Co-Clinical Director
Mr Josef Watfah
Mr Janindra Warusavitarne


Consultant Radiologists

Dr David Burling
Dr Katie Devlin
Dr Alex Fitzhugh, Ultrasound Lead
Dr Thomas Glover
Dr Rebeccah Greenhalgh
Dr Arun Gupta Clinical Lead
Dr Rajapandian Ilangovan
Dr Phillip Lung, Clinical Director
Dr Michele Marshall
Dr Anu Obaro, CTC Lead Radiologist
Dr Uday Patel
Dr Philip Shorvon


Consultant Histopathologists

Dr Olivier Giger, Academic Lead
Dr Rashmi Haria
Dr Adriana Martinez Clinical Lead for Histopathology
Dr Morgan Moorghen
Dr Ezra Nigar
Dr Lajja Panchal Lead Gastrointestinal and Bowel Cancer Screening Pathologist
Dr Carmel Ryan

Psychiatric Services

Dr Sonya Frearson Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Dr Calum Moulton Consultant Psychiatrist

Nurse Consultants

Ms Vicky Cuthill, Hereditary Gastrointestinal Cancer Syndromes
Ms Caroline Gee, Oncology
Ms Zarah Perry-Woodford Stoma and internal pouch care
Ms Mia Small Nutrition and Intestinal Failure
Mrs Margaret Vance Gastroenterology
Ms Lisa Younge IBD

Nurse Leads

Ms Pearl Avery IBD Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Ms Jennie Burch Head of Gastrointestinal Nurse Education
Ms Kay Crook, IBD Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Lead (Paediatrics)
Ms Tatenda Marunda Lead Practitioner for Pelvic Floor Unit
Madhoor Ramdeen, Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist in IBD
Tracey Tyrrell, IBD Advanced Nurse Practitioner


Ms Uchu Meade Consultant Pharmacist
Katie Yeung, Lead IBD Pharmacist


Dr Alison Culkin Consultant Dietitian, Intestinal Rehabilitation
Gabriela Poufou, Senior Advanced Specialist IBD Dietitian (Lead)