Dr Calum Moulton MA MRCP MRCPsych PhD
Consultant Psychiatrist

Calum Moulton is a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist specialising in complex gut disease. He graduated from Cambridge University in 2010 with Distinction, having intercalated in Music and being awarded 1st class Honours with Distinction. He trained in psychiatry at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and undertook a PhD in Psychological Medicine at King’s College London. As an NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in the Centre for Affective Disorders at King’s College London, Dr Moulton developed his specialism in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) psychiatry.

Clinically and academically, Dr Moulton has a particular interest in using antidepressants to improve IBD symptoms as well as mental health. Dr Moulton holds an Honorary Senior Clinical Lectureship at Imperial College London, studying the immune mechanisms linking gut and brain (the ‘gut-brain-axis’). He is a co-investigator on clinical trials of talking therapies and medication treatments for mental health and pain in IBD. He has written over 30 publications as first author or senior author and his research has been cited over 700 times. Dr Moulton is also Visiting Senior Lecturer at King’s College London and has been awarded an NIHR Advanced Fellowship to trial antidepressant therapy in patients with depression and IBD.

Email: calum.moulton@nhs.net