Complex Cancer Clinic Referral

This information is for clinical referrals.

To make an informed decision for our patients we need as much information as possible therefore we ask that you send over all the following information:

  1. Referral Letter addressed to Complex Cancer MDT team, St Mark’s Hospital. 
  2. Complex Cancer MDT Proforma must be completed, to understand the patient’s clinical pathway.   
  3. Inter Provider Transfer Form with date of diagnosis
  4. Pre-diagnosed, pre-treatment and post-treatment imaging with reports. All imaging and reports must be sent via IEP. If ALL scans are not with the original referral, this will cause a delay in patient being discussed at MDT.
  5. Operation notes and colonoscopy reports
  6. Histology reports and MMR reports
  7. Complex Cancer MDT takes place on Thursday afternoons (times may vary). Our closing time for referral is Tuesday 2.00 p.m. Referrals sent and received after this time will be placed on the list for the following Thursday. 

Further Information

Complex cancer clinic referral checklist
CRS and HIPEC for colorectal peritoneal metastases at St. Mark’s Hospital


Pathway Coordinators: Paul Raj Tharmarajah & Daniella Crosby-Williamson