The St Mark’s Centre For Familial Cancer Referrals

This information is for clinical referrals.

For Referrers

The Family Cancer Clinic welcomes referrals from GPs regarding individuals with a family history of colorectal cancer, who are worried about their risk of developing colorectal cancer. We are currently not on the Choose-and-Book system, so a referral letter from the patient’s GP must be posted to:


Tel: 020 8453 2656
Address: Dr Kevin Monahan, St Mark’s Centre for Familial Intestinal Cancer, St Mark’s Hospital, Central Middlesex, Acton Lane, Park Royal NW10 7NS

For more information, view the Referral Guidelines for the Family Cancer Clinic. To view the Family History of CRC algorithm, click here.

For Patients

A GP referral letter is needed in the first instance before we can offer any patients advice.

Before we can offer an appointment or advice, you will be sent a family history questionnaire to complete. Please include as much information as possible. Alternatively a copy can be printed off at St Mark’s Hospital, and returned to us with the GP referral letter.

It is also helpful if you could us copies of any relative’s death certificates/relevant medical information. If these are unavailable, we can try to confirm cases of cancer with the various cancer registries throughout the UK (these have records from the mid-1970s).

Once we have obtained as much information as possible we will then offer you advice as to your risk of developing colorectal cancer, including whether genetic testing is appropriate and advice on bowel screening. You may be offered an appointment in our outpatient clinic, telephone advice, or a referral to a local genetics service.

If it is inconvenient for you to be referred to St Mark’s Hospital Family Cancer Clinic, your GP can refer you to your local genetic service for advice. The Genetic Alliance can provide a list of Regional Genetics Services.