Gastrointestinal Consequences of Cancer

Description of Service

We believe that patients need not suffer debilitating gastrointestinal consequences a result of cancer treatment, especially when small interventions can make a large difference.

The number of people surviving cancer has tripled in the last 30 years, but not all of these people are living well. Most cancer survivors will not have any long-term lower GI consequences of their cancer or its treatment. However, some will develop problems including chronic diarrhoea, faecal incontinence, urgency, pain, bleeding and excessive flatulence, particularly following pelvic radiotherapy and surgery. Quality of life can be adversely affected.

This service offers:

  • A specialist multidisciplinary service to help patients with GI problems after pelvic radiation, surgery and chemotherapy
  • We offer a range of treatment options for patients with GI symptoms such as diarrhoea, incontinence, severe pain and rectal bleeding following treatment for urological, gynaecological or bowel cancers
  • We follow a detailed algorithm-based management approach, developed by Dr Jervoise Andreyev, considering each symptom in a systematic way to identify the cause and prescribe specific treatments.

The Team

Dr Ana Wilson, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Trust Lead for GI Consequences of Cancer Treatment
Professor Siwan Thomas-Gibson, Consultant Gastroenterologist

Referral Guidelines

We welcome referrals from GPs and hospital consultants regarding patients experiencing problems with bowel function such as urgency, loose stool, flatulence, constipation, steatorrhoea, faecal incontinence and rectal bleeding. Please refer via ERS to Gastroenterology RAS and letter will be triaged.

Guidance for professionals on managing GI consequences of cancer is available at:


Dr Ana Wilson, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Specialist Endoscopist
Professor Siwan Thomas-Gibson, Consultant Gastroenterologist

St Mark’s Endoscopy Department Referral
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