Intestinal Imaging

Description of Service 

The Intestinal Imaging Department has two dedicated imaging fluoroscopy rooms specialising in small bowel imaging (Barium Follow Through), water soluble contrast studies of the large bowel, Proctogram and Pouchograms. The unit also specialises in upper gastrointestinal (GI) studies, having both a video and barium swallow service. 

The department has a dedicated GI Ultrasound (US) imaging room. St Mark’s is one of the few hospitals in the country able to scan the rectum in order to inform clinicians whether there is damage to the muscles in the rectum (Endo-anal US) or whether there is an early stage cancer (Endo-rectal).

Hours of Service

The Unit is staffed Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm. 

Location Within Hospital

The Intestinal Imaging Unit is located on Level 4 of St Mark’s Hospital.

The Team

Dr Michele Marshall
Clinical Director & GI Consultant

Dr David Burling
GI Consultant

Dr Arun Gupta
GI Consultant

Dr Raj Ilangovan 
GI Consultant

Dr Uday Patel
GI Consultant

Miss Rachel Baldwin
GI Superintendent Radiographer

Key Contact

X-Ray Reception – 07814896464