Specialist Practitioners

Description of Service

Specialist Practitioners are senior nurses who deliver expert care at the bedside. They have undertaken extra training such as non-medical prescribing and interpretation of X-rays to facilitate seamless patient care. 

Whilst you are an inpatient, specialist practitioners working with doctors, nurses and other members of the multidisciplinary team provide care which will help you to make a recovery ready for your discharge. 

Once you are ready to be discharged, the Specialist Practitioner Team will provide you with contact details should you have any further questions or experience any problems once you are back home.

Location Within Hospital

Specialist Practitioners are located within pre-assessment in Outpatients Department, The Lennard-Jones Intestinal Rehabilitation Unit, and our wards. 

Specialist Practitioners

Vanessa Lopez
Mario Camangon
Samantha Drury
Deepa Lelamany