Video Capsule Endoscopy Bowel Preparation Instructions for MoviPrep

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You have been given this leaflet to prepare for your video capsule endoscopy.

To get a clear view of the lining of your bowel, you must follow the bowel preparation and dietary advice below to empty and clean your bowel before the procedure. The success of your examination depends on your bowel being as clear as possible; otherwise, the test may be postponed, and the preparation repeated. 

If you have questions about bowel preparation or your regular medications, please contact the capsule endoscopy specialist nurses on: 020 8235 4136.

Diabetes Medication 

If you have diabetes controlled by insulin or tablets, you will be given a separate advice sheet explaining how to take these medications whilst fasting for your procedure.


If you are taking Lithium, please contact our specialist nurses.

Seven days before your colonoscopy

  • Stop taking iron tablets until after the procedure.

Five days before your colonoscopy

  • Stop taking constipation medicines, i.e., Lomotil, codeine phosphate, etc.
  • Stop Cholestyramine & Colesavelam, as these are antidiarrhoeals

Other Medications

All routine medications like blood pressure tablets and steroids should be continued unless advised otherwise and must be taken one hour before or after drinking your bowel preparation. Please get in touch with the specialist nurses if you have any specific concerns about your medicines.

If you take the oral contraceptive pill, additional precautions should be taken as the bowel preparation may cause diarrhoea. Please seek advice from your pharmacist or GP.


Eat and drink only from the following list:

Try to drink two litres of clear fluids (8-10 glasses) per day until the day of the procedure. Examples of “clear fluids” are water, black tea or coffee, diluted fruit squash, fizzy drinks (Lucozade/Lemonade), hot honey and lemon, clear soups, Oxo, and Bovril (without bits in).

Choose To eat

Cereals: Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, Frosties, Sugar Puffs, Coco Pops – (DRY)
Bread: White Bread, Plain Chapati / Nan / Paratha 
Pasta, Rice: White pasta such as macaroni, spaghetti, noodles, and white rice
Flour: White flour
Meat and Fish: chicken, turkey, white fish (no skins), tofu, shellfish
Dairy: plain cottage cheese, butter, eggs (boiled, poached, scrambled) plain/natural yoghurt
Vegetables: Potato/sweet potato with no skin (boiled, mashed, baked)
Puddings, Pastries, Cakes etc.: Jelly (not red), plain sponge cakes, madeira cakes, meringues, rich tea biscuits, plain crackers such as Jacobs, lemon curd, or sorbet
Soups: Sieved or clear soups (not pureed i.e., broth, bouillon, consommé)
Miscellaneous: salt, sugar, vinegar, olive oil, honey, syrup, salad cream, mayonnaise, boiled sweets, jelly babies, mints, gravy (using stock cubes and white/cornflour to thicken)

Avoid Eating

Cereals: Muesli, all wheat-based cereals, i.e., Wheat bran, All Bran, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat & Porridge
Bread: Wholemeal, high fibre white, soft grain or granary bread, oat bread
Pasta, Rice: Wholemeal pastas, brown rice, quinoa
Flour: Wholemeal or granary flour, wheat-germ
Meat and fish: Red meat, salami, cold cuts, sausages, burgers, pink fish
Dairy: Milk (whole, skimmed, soya, almond, oat etc.)
Vegetables: All other fruit or tinned/canned fruit, vegetables, and salads
Puddings, Pastries, Cakes etc.: Those containing wholemeal flour, oatmeal, nuts, dried fruit, fruit cake, chocolate, Ryvita, digestive or Hobnob biscuits.
Soups: Chunky vegetable, lentil, dal, bean soup
Miscellaneous: Nuts, Quorn, seeds, chia seeds, pepper, herbs, hummus, pickles, pulses, grains, baked beans, jams, preserves, ketchup, olives, popcorn, sweetcorn

Bowel preparation 

MoviPrep is enclosed. This comes with instructions inside the packaging; however, you must follow our instructions below. Our team has designed the instructions to provide the best results so that we can carry out your procedure successfully.


Have a good breakfast and light lunch of foods taken from the permitted list above until 12 noon.

From 12 noon, do not eat solid food until after your examination but drink plenty of acceptable clear fluids. Clear soup (broth), and boiled sweets or mints are allowed if you are hungry.

Commence the bowel preparation as follows:

  • At 2.00 p.m. empty the contents of one packet labelled A and one packet labelled B into a jug containing one litre (1 ¾ pints) of cold water and stir until dissolved.
  • Drink one glass every 15 minutes until the jug is empty. You may add ice cubes if you wish.
  • At 5.00 p.m. empty the remaining one packet labelled A and one packet labelled B into a jug containing one litre (1 ¾ pints) of cold water and stir until dissolved.
  • Drink one glass every 15 minutes until the jug is empty. You may add ice cubes if you wish.
  • During the evening drink at least one additional litre of water or clear fluids.

It is essential the bowel is completely clear so please ensure that you drink ALL sachets of MoviPrep.

  • You may continue to drink water until your procedure.


  • Please take any regular prescribed medication with a small amount of water before 7.00 a.m., unless otherwise instructed by the nurse specialist.
  • The video capsule is swallowed with water and passes naturally through your digestive tract while transmitting video images to a data recorder which you will carry in a bag for approximately six to eight hours.
  • You will be able to drink normal fluids 2 hours after the capsule has been seen in the small bowel by the specialist nurse and a light lunch after 4 hours. 

Are there any side effects?

  • Please expect frequent bowel actions and, eventually, diarrhoea starting within three hours of taking the first dose of bowel preparation medicine. We strongly advise that you stay within easy reach of a toilet once you begin taking the preparation medicine. If you need to, please use a barrier cream such as Zinc and Castor oil on your bottom to prevent soreness. 
  • If you do not drink enough fluids, you may get dehydrated, feel dizzy, faint, or get a headache.
  • Some stomach cramping is normal. 
  • If you vomit up the preparation medicine at any stage or you have any other concerns regarding side effects please contact us directly during office hours (8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.), the telephone number is 020 8235 4136. 

Outside office hours, call the switchboard on 020 8235 4000 and ask to speak to the gastroenterologist for St Mark’s.

General Trust Information

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Video Capsule Endoscopy Bowel Preparation Instructions for MoviPrep.
First published: September 2015. Reviewed: May 2023. Next Review Date: May 2024. Reference: 1.2

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