What to Bring

The following is a useful checklist of some items you may need during your stay with us, and some items we would ask you not to bring into the hospital.

Please bear in mind that while each patient will have bedside cabinet, these cannot be locked. St Mark’s and Northwick Park Hospitals are unable to accept liability for any lost or stolen items during your stay.

If you have any personal or valuable items with you, you can give these to a nurse on your ward who will give you a receipt.

What to bring
  • Any paperwork regarding your admission

  • All and any medication you are taking, in their original containers, and any cards giving details of your current treatment (e.g. steroid card). Please also bring any non-prescription medicines, supplements or ointments you regularly take (unless specifically requested not to).

  • Toiletaries (shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap etc.) 

  • Shaving/grooming equipment (non-electrical)

  • Towels/slippers/dressing gown/nightwear/tissues

  • Comfortable day clothes 

  • Money (a small amount) for purchasing newspapers, snacks etc. from the hospital’s shops. There is a cabinet beside your bed for personal belongings but please do not bring valuables or large amounts of money are these are not locked.

  • Relevant walking aids

  • Leisure items; such as books, magazines, newspapers, crosswords, notepads, pens etc.